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Calgary combat archery.


Is it safe?

Absolutely! The specially designed arrows are tipped with a dense, impact absorbing foam and are made to be shot over and over again.

Additionally, all players are provided with fog-free paintball masks as an extra layer of protection.

Who can play?

Combat Archery is family friendly, and can be played by participants 12 years old and up.

How strong are the bows?

Our bows have a 29lbs draw weight.

Do you host drop-in events?

Yes! We host drop-in events all over the city! Follow us on Facebook to find out about the locations and times.


Does it hurt?

A little. Being hit with a Combat Archery arrow is about the same as being hit with a dodgeball. In comparison: a typical paintball travels at around 280 feet per second, while one of our arrows only travels at 90 feet per second. 


Do I need any archery experience? 

Not at all! The equipment is easy to use, and our staff will train every player on how to load, aim and shoot! 


I want to book an event, do I need to own a field or place to play? 

Nope! We work with a large number of facilities around the city to provide you with the biggest, baddest field for your event. We're happy to do all of the hunting and booking for you. Check out how we can help you here.


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