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The Best Way to Relieve stress?

Fight Your friends!

We're Mobile!
Calgary combat archery.
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Host the Greatest Event of the year.

From year-defining team-building showdowns, to birthday parties your kids will rave about:


If you need a memorable, exciting way to bring people together, then you need Combat Archery.


Book a private mobile arena,  and you can fling arrows at your friends and family (almost) anywhere in the city.

Combat Archery is an extreme version of dodgeball played with bows and safe, foam-tipped arrows. 

It's perfect for anyone ages 8 - 65+, and is the perfect way to:


  • Reduce stress.

  • Build teamwork and strategic thinking. 

  • Have fun blasting away at your friends with a bow and arrow.

  • And have an excuse to fire things at the Accounting Department.

MAke your next event the best one yet.
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